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Exploring Western Uganda: 5 Must See Things!

Known as the mother of the pearl of Africa Uganda, southwestern Uganda has a lot to offer clients not to miss out on for the greater and memorable experience. The region host the most varied circuit anywhere in Africa, studded with national parks and other protected areas shielding a range of habitats that embraces everything from the snow capped glacial peaks. The frosty Afro-alpine moorland to marsh-fringed Rift Valley lakes and forest-swathed volcanoes – not some vast tracts of the archetypal African savannah. The southwest is Uganda’s top wildlife-watching region and one of the world’s best places to spot primates some of which are very rare and not found in many other destinations except the few. The very distinctive features to explore include among others:

The mountain gorillas

Found in the Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga National Park in the Virunga conservation area, mountain gorillas are the best wildlife encounter in the whole world recommended for every traveler looking for a greater and memorable experience. South western Uganda is home to over 480 mountain gorillas in the whole world alongside volcanoes national park in Rwanda and the Virunga national park in the democratic republic of Congo. There are 13habituated gorilla families in Uganda with Bwindi having twelve and 1 in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The gorilla permit is sold at 600usd and travelers to Uganda have the greatest opportunity to see the mountain gorilla due to the available permit as compared to other destinations.


These are found in the Kibale forest national park also in south western Uganda. Trekking the chimps started as really as 1993 and is done in Kanyanchu village, the chances of locating them are excellent and the guided walks start at 8am and 2pm and last an average of three hours, depending on various factors. In the process of trekking the chimpanzees, travelers also look out for the black & white colobus, red tailed monkey or the grey cheeked mangabey and the many bird and butterfly species.

Game drives

These are done in the open savannah grasslands f queen Elizabeth national park. Travelers view a wide variety of wild anilams among which includes the elephants, buffalos, waterbucks, impala, Uganda kobs and bush babies. As travelers drive towards the southern section of the park, the ishasha sector, they are blessed to see the rare climbing lions which are not found in any other national park except Manyara in northern Tanzania. This is a real great experience as travelers see the big five as they hunt and graze, it is indeed memorable.

The volcanoes

There are there volcanoes in Mgahinga national park which include Mt Gahinga, Mt Muhabura and Mt Sabyinyo both in south western Uganda. Volcano hike/climb can take up to 8 hours and travelers need to have a clear climbing gear and should be physically fit. Each of these peaks has its own amazing view. No matter which volcano you choose to climb the ascent into the afro montane zone which has plants and vegetation covering you have probably never seen before is exciting and worth the trip and the effort.

Lake Bunyonyi

The second deepest lake in Africa with the depth that vary between 44m (144ft) and 900m (2,952ft), the lake is known as a place of many little birds and it lies in south western Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale close to the border with Rwanda. It is Located at 1,962 m (6,437 ft) above sea level, it is about 25 km (15.5 mi) long and 7 km (1.35 mi) wide.

In conclusion, therefore, southwestern Uganda is the best tourism destination with many natural, cultural and historical features all of which provide a great and memorable experience.


Romance on the Nile

Picture this: You and your loved one cruising down the majestic Nile River, sipping on an ice-cold cocktail, gazing and enjoying the staggering natural beauty all around you. An impossible dream? Not if you spend your holiday at the enchanting Murchison Falls National Park, North Western Uganda. An experience you’ll never forget.

Fall in love all over again in Murchison falls. As far as romantic backdrops go, they don’t come any more spectacular than this. Everything about this huge natural national park seems to provide a thrilling accompaniment to a romantic holiday.

This is the largest park in Uganda, covering over 4000 sq. km, and is one of the most spectacular parks in all of Africa. Renowned for its scenic beauty and the spectacular falls from which it gets its name, Murchison Falls NP supports an abundance of flora and fauna to delight the visitor. From rolling savannah and tall grasslands to thick bush and woodlands, the diversity of this park never ceases to amaze visitors and residents alike. The magnificent Murchison Falls thunders from a height of 43 meters, catching and refracting the sunlight in a never ending kaleidoscope of prismatic patterns.

The wildlife variety is amazing and can be enjoyed by taking game drives and enjoying a leisurely 3hour cruise on the Nile, viewing the animals on the banks as they come to quench their thirst. For your cultural experience you will have the delight of visiting the local community groups like the Boomu Women’s group, Asera Azola Women’s group and the Kafalo Association. Marvel at the beautiful crafts they make and you can have a chance of purchasing souvenirs for your friends and family back home.

To the avid birdwatcher the thrill of seeking out some of the 424 species identified in the park is unmatched. Try out your fishing skills by waiting patiently above and below the falls, for 20-100 kg Nile Perch. Other game fish found in the Nile include Barbel, Electric Catfish and Tiger fish. While on the delightful game drives, Cape
buffalo, Rothschild’s giraffe, Uganda kob, hartebeest and waterbuck are commonly seen. You may also spot oribi, bushbuck, Bohor reedbuck, the shy sitatunga, bush duiker, warthog and bushpig. Large carnivores found in the park include lion, leopard and spotted hyena. Chimpanzees and olive baboons head the list of six species of primates found in the park. Crocodile and hippo will be seen along the banks of the Nile. Some of the more common birds that can be seen include Goliath heron, Egyptian geese, pelican, bee-eaters, kingfishers, hornbill, cormorant, saddle-bill stork and the rare Shoebill stork. A boat cruise to the delta is a highlight for the avid birdwatcher.

The accommodation is as lavish as the park. Two luxury safari lodges are perched atop a gorge, towering above the mighty Nile River, an economy/budget lodge is also available. There numerous places where you can pitch your own tent and enjoy the mystery and excitement of spending a night in the wild Africa. Also a budget campsite is available. One of the things you’ll definitely enjoy is relaxing on the verandah, sipping cocktails while drinking in the panoramic sights and the atmospheric sounds of the authentic Africa.

Savor the exquisitely prepared lunches and candle lit dinners over a cool glass of wine, or leap at a chance to taste the flavors of a bush dinner. Pool side BBQs and buffets complete the menu of mouth watering ways to eat and be merry at Murchison falls NP, before retiring to bed, anticipating the beauty the morning brings.


5 Great Places to Enjoy Nature Walks & Hikes in Uganda

Do you love nature? Uganda is incredibly the loveliest destination for you discover the best nature walk experiences. Small as it is, but it is the most endowed country in Africa with the most magnificent tropical rain forests that offer authentic African experiences on nature walks. For ecotourists, visiting Uganda is worthy for you to explore the untouched forest reserves in Uganda as you catch a glimpse of Africa’s biodiversity. They include the following:

Mabira Forest:

This lies 54 kilometers from Kampala and 20 kilometers from Jinja and its trails are majorly located along Jinja – Kampala highway. Mabira forest center is located along the boundary of Najjembe village about 500 meters north. The tourism project this spectacular forest started in 1995 with a view of promoting sustainable revenue from the forest by creating an educational resource and recreational resource for Ugandans and other residents. There are various extensive trails that have been set for tourists experiences in the forest. There is a 25 kilometer bike trail that connects the forest to the surrounding sugar and tea plantations. The popular activities that tourists participate in the forest include nature walks, birding, cycle trails, mountain biking and others can choose to relax in the while enjoying the picnic lunch at the forest centre.

Budongo Forest:

This remarkable forest lies in Northwestern Uganda just 3-4 hours as you travel to Murchison Falls National Park for your wildlife safaris. For those who are interested in nature walk experiences in this incredible forest, there are several nature trails within the forest which provides tourists opportunity to explore numerous Apes like chimpanzees, red and black colobus, monkeys and others. There are also several tree species that are of significance to scientists and researchers. As well, tourists can enjoy several forest birds like white thighed horn bill together with puvel’s illadopsis species. Budongo is the largest forest reserve that offers tourists opportunity to explore its mahogany and iron forest trees in only two sectors of Kaniyo padidi and Busingiro ecotourism site which is the main tourist site in the forest.

Mpanga Forest Reserve:

For eco-tourists, Mpanga Forest Reserve can be the best place for you to realize your dreams. It is located 37 kilometers from the city western Uganda. For those traveling for gorilla trekking experiences in Bwindi, Mpanga forest is an added opportunity for you to enjoy nature walk experiences. There are many trails that have been set for you to explore incredible bird species, monkeys as well as other spectacular forest species.

Kibale Forest reserve:

This is one of the most incredible tropical rain forests with spectacular biodiversity. It forms the magnificent Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda. It is a renowned park with the biggest population of endangered chimpanzees together with threatened red colobus monkey and unique L’Hoests monkeys. It is credited for its 13 primate species that are all ingrained within its jungles including the black and white colobus monkeys, blue and grey checked mangabey, red tailed monkeys, bush babies and pottos. There are also more than 325 bird species which includes yellow spotted nicator, yellow rumped tinker bird, little green bull, breasted pitta, the African pitta and black bee eater. There are also numerous magnificent mammals like elephants, buffaloes, bush pigs, duikers and bats. For those who will be keen enough, they can sight at forest reptiles and amphibians and various beautiful butterflies. There are more than 250 tree species and over 1500 chimpanzees. Your nature will start at Kanyanchu visitor center.

In conclusion, Uganda is rich in forest reserves that offer tourists opportunity to explore the country’s untouched forest species. These forest reserves are the main habitats for various forest species that are worthy exploring while in a safari in Uganda. Enjoy your nature walks in Uganda’s dense forests.