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Recommended Rental Cars for Family Safaris in Uganda

Are you looking to taking a safari in Uganda with your family? There is nothing funnier than having a self drive in Uganda with your family recorded as one of the best experiences one would get in his/her lifetime. Many people in the world during vacation time, they travel with their family along and most especially during summer holidays. There is that euphoric moment one get when one watches his/her family having a good time and also strengthens the bond with in the family thus leading to a functional family.

Uganda is of no doubt one of those exciting places in the world where one can take his/her family for holidays as it has lots of attractions a family can enjoy for example a family can take up a wildlife safari tour to see those exotic animals that are not usual in their daily life: animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, leopards, monkeys, antelopes among the special. There also so many resort beaches and islands where a family can enjoy themselves on the very many water bodies with in Uganda.

However for a family to have a safe and convenience Uganda holiday, they need to rent a car to traverse them everywhere they want to go through some of the most eye catching destinations which are seemingly a distant apart. There is no better ground traveling options to the various holiday destinations for a family other than using Uganda car rentals. Many rental car companies Uganda are found online as one can book with his/her preferred one online or by calling it on the numbers.

Hiring rental cars online comes with lots of merits for a Uganda family holiday and they are as follow:

Convenience and flexibility

It is very easy to hire a car of your choice online, be it an SUV or a van that can best suit for your family holiday. There is always a variety of cars exhibited online; it is always upon you to choice a car of choice, needs and budget. Rental cars Uganda have both luxury cars and cheap cars for their esteemed customers.

In additional to the above, there is nothing like waiting in a long queue. All you need to do is sit on your computer send an email to the car rentals then the car will reserved for you. You can also opt to use the phones as the websites are mobile friendly for reservation and search. Booking is always available 24 hours a day.

Varieties of cars to choose from

Online car rental companies Uganda also display variety of cars for their customers, it is always up to the customer to choose a car that fits his/her needs. There always cars of different kinds that is large, medium, compact, crossovers, sedans, luxury, mid range and budget cars. All you need to do is the disclose the nature of holiday, the family is taking then our sales teams will be at your service to advise you the best car to hire for Uganda holiday.

Privacy and confidentiality

While booking car rentals online, there is always room for you to make a discrete reservation as your personal information only stays with the car rental company. The websites have security certificates where by your information cannot leak to other parties. It is always private and pirate free.

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Discovering Uganda on a Self Drive Road Trip

There are very many things that can make a Ugandan safari memorable than what you can expect, Uganda is one of the African countries which has very many tourist attraction which everyone can’t wish to miss to see when in this east African country. When in your own rental car you can discover Uganda’s secretes within few days. Crossing from one region to another could be a walk over and at your own convenience. With a rental car in Uganda you can drive wherever you wish to go with our self-drive comfortable vehicles.

In each region of Uganda there is an interesting attraction, in the far northern part of Uganda is the Kidepo Valley National park, this park is ranked among the top interesting places in Africa with a wide variety of wildlife some of which are rarely seen in other parks like giraffe, Burch ell’s Zebras, lions can be spotted sited on rocks, buffaloes, hyena among many others, the Sand along river Kidepo offers resting opportunity. When you try the north eastern part of Uganda you meet Uganda’s largest and bio diversified national park Murchison falls with spectacular view of the River Nile. It’s where the Nile squeezes through an 8m wide gorge and plunges with a thunderous roar into the Devil’s Cauldron’’, creating trademark rainbow you’ve never seen, the park is gifted with different species of life like giraffe, chimpanzee, baboons, lion and buffaloes are also present among others. From here, crossing to Kibale forest national park can be done in just about 7-8 hours. This wonderful park is blessed with over 13 species of primates coupled with chimpanzee the closest relative of man sharing almost 98% genes with human, however other primate species have also attracted very many travelers to this park like the baboons, black and white colobus monkey, civet monkeys just to mention but a few, bird watching is superb as the park is gifted with over 300 species of birds, other activities include community walk, nature walk make the park a can’t miss to visit when in a self-drive safari.

From Kibale you can proceed quickly to Queen Elizabeth national park for a drive of about 3 hours up to the park. QENP is gifted with rare and interesting species like the tree climbing lions, buffaloes, elephant, leopard, various species of antelopes and birds and all these can be seen during a game drive in our flexible and comfortable vehicles like Rav 4, 4WD super custom, Land cruiser. The park has many interesting activities like boat cruise at the Kazinga channel that connects lakes Kyoga and George, here you will be fortunate to come across several species of animals in a close distance like schools of hippos and crocodiles, buffaloes and elephants can be seen at the shoreline and many birds that feed on the lake.

Why not drive to bwind impenetrable national park to meet the rare primate the mountain gorillas which are only found to this park and Mgahinga gorilla forest national park. You will park at the park headquarters and then head to the rain tropical forest with a ranger guide and start searching for these giant apes. Gorilla tracking is the most interesting done activity on earth spending two hours while studying the behaviors of these giants is a moment in life difficult to forget. You can decide to visit other Uganda tourist attractions like Lake Bunyonyi the second deepest lake in the world enjoy activities like canoe ride, visit Semulike valley for chimpanzee and game drive, Lake Mburo for a game drive, boat ride, cultural walk. Enjoy Kampala city tour to meet very many interesting places like the national museum, Kasubi tombs and many others interesting places in the city. Indeed these and many other Uganda tourist attraction can be explored if you hire a self-drive car its very flexible to go to each and every corner of Uganda.

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Explore Kidepo National Park on your Uganda safari

The park was established in 1952 and is situated in the north east of Uganda in the district of Kabong which was also the traditional home land of the karamajong, who are also the unique people to visit on any Uganda safari to the pearl of Africa. This park is also considered to be among the largest remaining intact wilderness areas not only in Uganda but in Africa in general. It has got a broad expanse of the semi-arid land scapes that are dotted with multitudes of typical African game making Kidepo an admirable item of many travelers planning to safari Uganda.

Due to its distance from the capital of Kampala, the park has kept its green nature which has helped in increasing its visitor numbers hence high safari arrivals to the park. The park also contains a great deal of wildlife, some of which are endemic to it for the case of the country, these include; cheetah, Kavirondo bush baby, patas monkeys, the ostrich and many more. The other species also include; the lions, zebras, greater kudu, antelopes, dik dik. Etc. These are also spread in the scenic land scapes of the nurus valley which also provide a perfect ground for the many game drives for the safari travelers in Uganda.

Kidepo national park also lies in the rugged, semi-arid valleys which are between Uganda ‘s boarder with Kenya and Sudan, its 700km from Kampala and was gazette as a national park in 1962 thus a profusion of the big game and over 77 mammal species as well as 475 bird species which attract birding safaris to the country. It’s also Uganda’s most isolated national park; however everyone would agrees that it is also the most magnificent in Africa. Just from Apoka in the heart of the park, there is a savannah land scape which extends far beyond the gazette area, towards the horizons outlined by the distant mountain ranges.

During the dry season, there is only one permanent water source and it’s found in wetlands and remnant pools in the broad Narus Valley near Apoka. The seasonal oases, combined with the open, savannah terrain, making the Nurus Valley the park’s game viewing location. The park has greatly attracted many people to come for safari tours to Uganda.

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Extend Your Safari to Rwanda

Many travelers would like to combine their Uganda safari with an extended exploration into the top adventure sites in Rwanda. Located in the Southern Part of Uganda, Rwanda is an amazing country to enjoy a gorilla safari in Africa. Many travelers who would like to maximize their gorilla watching experience combine their holiday to both countries.

There are so many different places to consider when planning a vacation. Many people automatically decide on a tropical island or beach vacation, but there are many more adventurous and wonderful spots that can bring lifetime memories and not be the same old vacation that you are used to. Rwanda safaris are amazing safari vacation packages that allow you to see a completely different side of our amazing world. There are wildlife safaris, where you will tour spots of Rwanda and see how the wildlife lives in their own habitat. There are jungle safaris where you will travel through the jungle with an experienced guide and witness jungle life as it is happening. There are gorilla trekking safaris where you will walk among the gorillas and see just how they exist in nature. This is an amazing and different experience that will bring lasting memories, and it is also a great way to bring the family closer together, by becoming one with nature!

If you have always been curious about other parts of this world and are interested in nature, a good idea for your next vacation might be a safari trip. Rwanda safaris offer an experience simply like no other. You will go on a guided tour through the jungles and landscape of Rwanda, where you will see with your own eyes nature at its finest. You will see the gorillas in their habitat, and you will see lions and tigers. You will see plant life that you never knew existed, with all the brilliant colors of a storybook. Taking a sfari vacation is a serious life changing experience. You will be touring with a professional guide who knows exactly what to do, and there may be other travelers in your group, who you can get to know and possibly make a lifelong new friend! There are various types of safari tours as well, so you will be able to go on the safari tour that most interests you.