There are many exciting places to visit in Uganda.


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Welcome to one of the richest Eco-systems in Africa. Bwindi has more than 125 different species of mammals, 250 species of butterflies, 300 species of birds, 27 species of frogs, and other lizards plus many more other endangered species.This is one of the most diverse forests in East Africa, with at least 1,500 flowering plant species including 200 species of trees and 105 species of ferns.

River Nile

While you are in Uganda the Pearl of Africa, never miss to tour the longest River in Africa, R. Nile. River Nile has its source in Jinja, Uganda and its waters shared among 11 countries. Egypt and Sudan in Africa majorly depend on the Nile. You really don’t want to miss remarkable features at the source of this amazing flow.

Mount Rwenzori

Mountain Rwenzori, previously Ruwenzori Ranges or Mountains of the Moon borders Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The mountain peak (Approx. 5000m) is constantly snow capped. During its Uplift formation, approx. 3 Million years ago; it resulted into formation of three African Great Lakes: Lake George, L. Albert and L. Edward.