Tour Guides

The guides from Uganda are extremely helpful. They posses knowledge of the local culture and especially the wildlife and their behaviors. They make your trip enjoyable by always stopping for you to take photos and spotting wildlife everywhere.
About 30% of the area enclosed by Uganda ‘s borders is covered by water.  Equatorial rainforest, mountain forests, snowcapped peaks and savannah make Uganda one of the most geographically and biologically diverse regions in the world. Its spectacular untouched marvelous natural landscape; the lofty terraced hills and deep valleys in the Southwest were responsible for calling Kigezi ” the Switzerland of Africa ”

Most tourists reach Uganda by air through Entebbe international airport with continental and intercontinental airlines like East African airlines, Kenya airways, British airways, and Ethiopian airlines, South African Airways, Emirates, Air Tanzania, Egypt Air, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Rwandair Express and SN Brussels Airlines. Local carriers like Eagle Air and Dairo Air offer air chartered flights within the region.
Most roads linking the major towns are tarmac. Feeder roads are murram and are regularly graded to ease transport and communication. Seat belts in public service vehicles are required by law, and failure to comply will attract a fine of 40,000/=. Always, international tourists who prefer self drive should carry along there International driving permit.

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